On the move again

We’re temporarily, but not catastrophically, homeless for now. It’s more an embarrassment of choices than not having anywhere to go, but the London Capital Club closed this week and so please don’t turn up there.

The [Facebook Group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/TuttleClubLondon/) is usually the most up to date place to find out more or you can always ping [Lloyd on Twitter](https://twitter.com/lloyddavis).


I’m experimenting with distributing equal amounts of a cryptocurrency called Grantcoin to everyone who turns up at Friday morning Tuttle.  I wrote about it here.

I received 11473.877824GRT at the start of the quarter.  There are 15 tuttles in the quarter so that makes:

764.9251 per Tuttle
less 0.01 GTR fee

764.9151 per Tuttle

(this week I’m still learning, I made a mistake and transferred the pot *plus* the fee and not *minus* it – doh!)

So 764.9251 has gone to my twitter wallet and I’m tweeting 1/11 of it – 69.538645GRT – out to the following twitter users who attended:


Instructions for using the Grantcoin Twitter Wallet

As Grantcoin is currently selling for about 70 satoshi, the estimated Sterling value of each person’s handout this week is £0.025 (tuppence-halfpenny in the old vernacular).



I’m going to be writing here for a bit about Tuttle & Co, Tuttle Inc., Tuttle Consulting and any other ways of saying Tuttle as a business (TaaB – there’s another one). I’m looking for your help with refining these ideas and getting us up and running with some work.

We’ve met now every week for eight years. Some of us have put teams together to beef up existing client work, some have brought half-baked ideas to a Friday morning and gone away with a big project to do, others have mused that they’d like to do something with x and immediately found collaborators. But often things are raised and then just hang there for a while waiting for someone to pick them up and run. Sometimes these things just fade away and die. That’s probably alright, but what if we had a way of making that decision together? In fact a way of making lots of decisions together, because hey, whoever heard of having too many decisions to make or too many projects to contribute to?

How can we make formal the informal relationships that we have, incorporate our unincorporated group with the intention of creating value for other organisations and for us all as a community? And all the while continue to just have fun talking on a Friday morning?

Well, as with the British Council project, that we did oooh nearly seven years ago now, I would want something that is congruent with the way that Tuttle feels. This might not be well-defined. It might actually exist in various different versions in just about everybody’s heads but some of the principles that have emerged are:

Action Research and learning – we develop the thing by doing it and reviewing regularly
Openness – we do it in the open unless there’s good reason not to
We establish and protect reputation through publication
Everyone’s welcome – It’s not for everyone, but it should be for anyone
One member one vote (so equity may be sold but not for any sort of control)
No debt, Low overheads
Equality of opportunity and fairness in the division of any spoils
Being an exemplar for other organisations
Developing new business models for a digital economy
Always learning from others, always improving

Any more occur to you? Any of these that you have a problem with?

From Dominic Pride

Enjoyed the event and I asked the following question:

“What happens when AI is the only option?” It was prompted by a comment made by @drjackuk about the lack of support for doctors in decision making leading to a high risk factor for patients undergoing an operation.

Along the way we uncovered the following:
-AI may well be the best option. Already planes use narrow AI to minimise pilot error and reduce cognitive load. Can this reduce risk in driving, for example?
-For AI to work, everyone must subscribe to it. A system where only part of the population cedes control to an algorithm may not work
-Personal liberty is at stake. What happens when you task an algorithm to act in your best health interests, and it mines information from different sources of your life and informs real / digital health professionals

Dominic Pride


From Jed Baxter

My write up of the ‘political’ stream is now posted on Medium.


Please add the conversation there if I left any out.

Testing Testing 123

Nope, nothing to see here folks….

Where to find us

Updated: April 2015

Moved along the SouthBank a little to the National Theatre’s new cafe space called “kitchen”.  And we got us a Facebook Page since y’know people seem to like that way of finding out about stuff.  Nothing else has changed!

These days we’re on Level 5 of the Royal Festival Hall.  Still no agenda, still Fridays, still 10 till noon-ish.  Just come and bring a pal and have a chat.

In summer months or if it’s warm we usually go out onto the balcony area. might sit out on the patio!

You might like to pick up a coffee down on Level 2 before you come upstairs (or of course you may not!)

See you soon.

I woke this morning to a tweet from Joanna Geary suggesting that I “might dispute your first status” – huh? It turns out Desi Velikova is starting an event next month called “London Social Media Cafe” and was tweeting to people: “We’re organising the first London Social Media Cafe and thought you might be interested” – the site refers to the Birmingham and Toronto SMCs as inspiration but makes no direct reference to our work.

Although I was initially riled, once I’d had a coffee and looked through it all again, I saw there was nothing to get hung-up about. As I said, nearly 5 years ago, “I own nothing here”.

Just to set the record straight so no-one has to dig through blogs and wikis or actually talk to someone to find out the answer – the thing that we now call Tuttle or the Tuttle Club started out as the London Social Media Cafe. I wrote about it first on 8th August 2007. In the early days we used a wiki atlondonsocialmediacafe.pbworks.com Soon after people found that #tuttle was much less of a mouthful than #LondonSMC and we got on with the important business of talking to each other, building relationships and having a laugh rather than worrying about what we were called.

Good Luck with it, Desi!

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I’m taking part in this – I’ve written about it here

So I thought we’d move Tuttle over to the Barbican just for the month of August.  Meetup in the foyer, there’s a Costa Coffee and lookout for me and anyone else you might know 🙂

Probably back to RFH again afterwards, but who knows what opportunities may arise?!

New Year, New #Tuttle

tuttle club at the coach and horses, sohoIt’s back, even though it never really went away! Five years ago, a few of us were pushing around the idea of y’know getting people together on a regular basis who otherwise were hanging out in cyber-social-media-space. There were some experiments in late 2007 & early 2008 but The first regular prototype of the London Social Media Cafe at the Coach & Horses was on February 15th 2008 and before long it was known as the Tuttle Club (#tuttle on teh twitter) and it’s happened every Friday apart from Christmastime shenanigans ever since.

Going to #tuttle has been blamed for anything from hair loss, hair gain, meeting future work colleagues, meeting future partners, meeting future ex-partners, meeting users of your software, meeting heroic developers of software you love, but mostly having an excitable natter about internet’n’media’n’learning’n’stuff during work hours, drinking far too much coffee and tweeting about what a fab time you’re having.

#Tuttle has had many homes in the last five years and now it’s moving again. I’m going to pitch up on the 5th Floor at the Royal Festival Hall, from 10am to midday, this Friday, January 4th 2013 and drink coffee and chat with whomever turns up. As always the rule is that if two or more (yes, including me!) are there, then the event is a success, if any more of you come along, it’ll be just dandy! Just remember that you can get coffee on Level 2 (riverside) before you make the long slog up the stairs or in the lift.

Assuming that it works out (what could possibly go wrong?) we’ll carry on doing it here until we get bored again.

OK? See you Friday.

(photo credit: Josh Russell CC BY-NC-SA)

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