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I’m experimenting with distributing equal amounts of a cryptocurrency called Grantcoin to everyone who turns up at Friday morning Tuttle.  I wrote about it here.

I received 11473.877824GRT at the start of the quarter.  There are 15 tuttles in the quarter so that makes:

764.9251 per Tuttle
less 0.01 GTR fee

764.9151 per Tuttle

(this week I’m still learning, I made a mistake and transferred the pot *plus* the fee and not *minus* it – doh!)

So 764.9251 has gone to my twitter wallet and I’m tweeting 1/11 of it – 69.538645GRT – out to the following twitter users who attended:


Instructions for using the Grantcoin Twitter Wallet

As Grantcoin is currently selling for about 70 satoshi, the estimated Sterling value of each person’s handout this week is £0.025 (tuppence-halfpenny in the old vernacular).




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