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It’s getting harder and harder to pay for your own coffee at Tuttle. Since we moved over there, our new hosts, LEON, in Spitalfields have been very generously giving away free first coffees until 11am for lovely Tuttle folk – and now Canon Cameras are covering the costs for the whole session (within reason!)

Sam at Canon Camera Buzz writes: “At Friday’s event Canon will be showcasing cameras from compacts to high-end Digital SLRs. If you have any questions, whether on the products being demonstrated or any Canon camera, the Canon UK team will be there and more than happy to help.”

As usual, there’ll be room for you to carry on tuttling without having anything to do with the sponsor if you really don’t want to, but I think people who come to tuttle, but who aren’t interested in shiny new camera kit are few and far between.

If you want to know more, follow @canoncamerabuzz and the hashtag #canontuttle

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Just to wrap up, as well as paying for coffee at last week’s Tuttle, the guys from Evernote have given us a group premium account. Thanks again!

The first stuff that’s up there is pictures that were taken on Friday but I’m interested to hear from you other ways that you can think of us using this lovely resource, whether it’s something you want me to do or something you’d like to get a group together to do – as always, the tuttle brain is open for new ideas 🙂

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This Friday, 17th April, we’ll be sponsored by Imagini both for general coffee drinking (Thanks Imagini!) but also with an opportunity for 6 people to get involved more directly with what they’re doing.

To explain:

“The basis on the session on Friday will be focused on the alpha launch of the VisualDNA Shop. These are widget-based ‘shops’ that sit on a blog and take visitors through a short quiz with picture-based answers. The answers build a VisualDNA profile, which is used to create personalised suggestions for items to be purchased. It’s a revenue generator for the blogger, and can be tailored to suit the focus of the site.

The objective would be to invite blog owners from various verticals (aligning with our travel, photography, entertainment and mobile VDNA Shops) to build a VDNA Shop and start using during the session. Each blog owner will be guided by someone at Imagini who will have a laptop to work from.”

If you want to take part (there will be a small reward to say thank you) then sign up on the special list on the wiki page this week.

As well as this little bolt-on, which will be happening downstairs, I’m sure there’ll be someone from Imagini up in the bar to give people a briefer look at the new features if they’re interested.

Thanks to Sonia Pignorel from Imagini and Vikki Chowney from Six Degrees for helping set this up.

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What is it?

I’ve been thinking about what makes us special and different in a number of contexts:

For a busy person who gets asked to join lots of networks or go to lots of events, the question is “What is different, preferably unique about this gathering, that means I will get lots out and be able to put lots in?”

When we’re talking about “Network of Networks” what is it (apart from scale and numbers) that differentiates it from what we’re doing at tuttle? Because I’m not aware of any of the networks that make up NON or whatever it gets called that aren’t represented on an average Friday morning session.

When we’re talking to sponsors or potential patrons, I get asked “Who are these people, why do they go, what do they do?”

My hope (sometimes I say ‘design’ but ‘hope’ is more honest!) was always that it would simply be the intersection of a variety of groups that represented those people in each group who had realised that social media was going to do something interesting to their industry, sector, profession, nation whatever.

My hypothesis was that bringing together such a group, with minimal very simple rituals and structures (we meet every Friday; upstairs in the pub; speeches (deprecated, but if totally necessary) at the end, not the beginning; come and go as you please etc) would create the potential for interesting collaboration and innovation. And so it has – to the extent that I’m now much more interested in how we exploit and realise the potential.

The @sizemore & @danlight & @giagia collaboration that put Steven Spielberg on Seesmic has it’s roots on the balcony of the Coach and Horses – without interfering too much, I’d like to hear more about stuff that’s gotten done because you met somebody on a Friday morning.

Pic by vance42 on Flickr
cc by-nd

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