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Just a quickie to let anyone know who thinks this is the best place to look that we’ll be the guests of 1000heads at their offices in Great Windmill Street, a hop, skip and a jump (or two depending on the length of your legs) from Piccadilly Circus (yes even closer than i-NET)

We’ll be there this Friday, 22nd Jan and the following 29th Jan from 10am until midday, but no doubt there’ll be folks heading off for shenanigans after that.

PS the *best* place to look for location updates is always a search on twitter for #tuttle


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Definitely the busiest tuttle so far – we had nearly 70 people signed up on the wiki and although they didn’t all make it, the numbers were swelled by many more who hadn’t said they’d come.

For the first time, for those who still have no idea what happens at a tuttle, I did what I’ve meant to do for ages, I wandered around with my recorder and captured reactions from some of the folk. Mike doesn’t like it being called podcasting, as you’ll hear, so welcome to Tuttle Radio.

This is also for those lovely Lawsons who are clearly pining for something tuttlish.

Download (13MB)

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We’re making something.

It’s a place. A place where people like us, people who “get” this social media, blogging, podcasting, videoblogging, online social networking stuff and are using it in interesting ways to make things happen in businesses, government and in our own lives.

There are places like this in other parts of the world, but we want one in our town – London. So we’re making it.

Althought it’s been rolling round in my head for a while, I first wrote about it in August 2007. Read that. Not much has changed to affect that original vision.

Since then…
I set up a facebook group and a couple of hundred people joined.
I spoke at Web2Open, BarCampLondon3 and BarCampUKGovWeb
I settled on prototyping as a method of developing what we wanted to achieve.
We had an initial meeting.
We had a flashmob.
We did a couple of mornings at the Coach & Horses in Soho.

At the last one, I realised that we needed to be a bit more serious about our online presence. While I’m not very good at serious, this blog is intended to be the focal point for stuff. You should be able to get pointers to where we’re doing things from here. Other good places to look right now are the wiki, the google group and the flickr group but there’ll no doubt be more as we go along.

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