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photo by futureshape on flickr

Mike and I have been joking in public about “phase 2” for some time and I’m really glad we can stop joking about it and say “Yes! It’s a Go! Go! Go!”

Here’s the simple version: From Friday 10th October, the Tuttle Club will hold it’s Friday meetups at the ICA in The Mall instead of the Coach & Horses.

Of course there’s a more complicated version too:

1. More space – when we push above 40 people, the Coach can be very tight and uncomfortable. There are a couple of separate spaces we can use in the ICA cafe and capacity for up to 200. Which bloody well better be enough.

2. It’s still a little bit secret. The place doesn’t open properly normally until 11am and we’ve been given special permission to go in at 10am. So admission will be through the “back door” in Carlton House Terrace, maintaining the grand Tuttle tradition of entering in a manner that feels a little bit special and naughty.

3. It gives us a foot in the door to do all sorts of other events at the intersection of contemporary art and social media (an intersection which is HUGE). Yes my lovelies, this could well also include some evening events for those poor souls who are brutally chained to a desk every Friday morning. But don’t worry, slack-fans, it could also mean more morning stuff too 🙂 For example, having got his Meet Harrison Ford merital badge earlier this year in Cannes, Mike is now setting his sights on the Dennis Hopper firestarter badge.

4. The wifi is strong and just works and I’m guessing that there’s someone whose job it is to ensure that it stays that way.

5. It will be slightly further to walk for those in Soho (but really, no really Allix, not much) Here’s a map of the route from the Coach and Horses though I can’t for the life of me understand why it sends you all the way over to Regent Street. See me if you want a short cut. Also see me if you want to have a race to decide once and for all who is right about this. (Hint: it’s me, me I tell you).

6. On the other hand it will be nearer for those who come from Westminster or Victoria. Anyone with an office, say, overlooking St James’s Park will no doubt be pleased.

7. The proximity of the venue to the Palaces of Buckingham, St James and Westminster has caused a few raised eyebrows – are we selling out our bohemian roots? Not at all. I love that we’re doing something anarchic and subversive in a Regency House a few hundred yards up the road from Her Madge. The ICA is deeply bohemian.

8. The bar is equally well set up for tea as for coffee and from midday, I believe they are licensed to sell the native beverage known as bee-urr.

Huge credit for getting this whole thing off the ground goes to the combined forces of @sizemore and @whatleydude who have acted as lloyd-pushers, string-pullers and lubricators extraordinaire. James Scroggs, man of vision (who ancient tuttlers will remember brought us the Spinvox Future of Voice bolt-on) is the dude on the ICA board who is encouraging them to make us so welcome.

I do also want to heartily thank Alastair and his staff at the Coach for their hospitality over the last few months. He took a punt on this weird bunch of (mostly penniless) geeks continuing to turn up regularly when we really had not much more than a twinkle in our eyes. I’d urge you to continue to use the Coach for free wifi and good food and beer whenever you’re in the West End, singalong on Wednesdays and jazz on Tuesdays plus a new comedy club and of course remember that Alastair has the two upstairs rooms for hire during the day as well as for lunches and a damn fine dinner service for private parties.

Photo Credit: futureshape on Flickr cc:by

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Perhaps you haven’t heard it or perhaps you are one of the 214,000 listeners (so far) to Ben Walker’s Twitter Song on YouTube.

Either way, what you might not have realised is that it was written by Ben at the Coach and Horses during a Tuttle session. I noticed him sitting alone and scribbling one day and then a bit later, there it was! The comments on YouTube are class, do take a scroll through them.

Bonus Link: Now he’s selling t-shirts too

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Some “rules”

I see my job as keeping things going by resisting attempts to structure and set things in stone. But I can’t be everywhere especially as we grow and do things in other places and at other times. So I think it’s time to say something about what’s tuttle and what’s not. I’d like to keep talking about these until we get them right but I think these two are the most important.

1. Whenever two or more are gathered in the name of Harry, the spirit of Tuttle will be with you. This means that even if only one other person turns up on a Friday, we’re still quorate *and* if you want to tuttle, all you need is one other similarly minded underground heating engineer.

2. Do as you would be done by. Tuttle is about sharing what you know and who you know. This means give as much as you’d like to get. Don’t take the piss. People try. They think we don’t notice, but we’ve all seen them. It doesn’t work for long. Newcomers should remember that although some of us may look and sound like hippy-dippy caring-sharing kumbaya singers, we were hacking stuff together while you were still getting high on a can of irn-bru and the latest episode of Thundercats. This is what Harry does to people who take the piss.

But also, Russell found these rules and I think they’d serve us pretty well until we started having punch-ups about who’s an adult.

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Steve Lawson & Toby Moores by ourmaninside.com

Our regular host and Grand Wazoo, Lloyd, is otherwise engaged this week meaning it’ll be the first Social Media Cafe without him. Will we be able to behave without his firm hand guiding us to the coffee and croissants?

Stepping into the breach is Toby Moores (pictured on the right above with Tuttle regular Steve Lawson*) who will be on hand to greet any newcomers and give the staff a polite kick if the coffee runs out 🙂

If you’ve logged into the wiki in the last day or so you’ll also notice that Toby will be hosting a discussion entitled The Impact of Social Media on the Creative Landscape. I’ll be on hand to play some intro music (something from Queen’s Flash Gordon album I think) around the 12ish mark. It’ll be a very relaxed discussion similar to the one we had a few weeks ago with the guys from Spinvox. Please stick around and grab a bite to eat with us if you have the time 🙂

If you have an idea for a bolt-on event or discussion that can run after SMC don’t be backwards in coming forwards. We’ve done a couple now and they’re always good fun.

*Photo taken by the alarmingly talented Christian Payne at the Creative Coffee Club

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I’m going to institute a new bit of organisation to what we do. I’ve come to this for the following reasons:

1. Some people are frustrated because they perceive that we’ve stalled in our mission to create a real physical space and they want to see more action and evolution.

2. Some people are puzzled as to what we’re doing and why it needs to change – the prototyping/testing/developmental element of what we’re doing isn’t clear to everyone straightaway – “If it ain’t broke…”.

I think we’re doing fine. But it’s always going to be tricky, especially as so much is voluntary and down to what people can afford to contribute and when. But I want to ensure that these conversations go on productively in an atmosphere away from the main Friday morning session where we can make decisions and commit to actions and review what we’ve done.

So I’d suggest that on alternate Fridays starting from 23rd those who wish to participate go upstairs to the other room and have a kind of project team meeting where we can bash out what we’re going to do next. For the first one I’d like people to come with specific ideas that they’d like to discuss briefly and we’ll create the agenda from those ideas.

My contribution to that would be that I’d like to agree on some roles that would be useful, so that I can focus on what I’m good at and others can be of service to the best of their ability too – a club committee if you like, though one which focuses on service to the club rather than vesting authority in it’s members.

Feel free to leave other suggestions in the comments, but it’ll be the people and ideas who are actually there on the morning that will hold most sway.

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apr08 011We gathered at OneAlfredPlace this morning for coffee, tea, juice and pastries and lots and lots of conversation. Thanks very much to Steve Moore for making the introduction and to Rob Shreeve for making us so welcome. If anyone’s interested in joining OneAlfredPlace, please let me know and I’ll pass on the details – as it’s been hinted to me that we might secure a small discount if people sign as a result of today. sorry, completely my misunderstanding and misperception – that’s not on the cards after all, but don’t let that stop you signing up 🙂

My regret with it was that I didn’t actually get to take part in any of the larger conversations, though I was grateful to meet a bunch of new people face to face too. I’d love it if people could say something either on the wiki or their own blogs about what they talked about, if only for me to find out 🙂

Thanks very much to Dan and Rob for doing last-minute impromptu provocations and I’m sorry (though secretly glad) that I didn’t let them know how exposing that role was going to be beforehand.

From memory I think we had conversations about:
Building a list of interesting folk to talk to BERR (Jane O’Loughlin)
Combining relentless creativity with social media (Steve Lawson)
Turning your passion into something that makes money (Pippa Crawford & Dan McQuillan)
Finding new clients online (Rebecca Caroe)
Business podcasting (Mike O’Hara)
Organisation Lite (David Wilcox & Jemima Gibbons)

but there were lots of little seedling conversations in between and I’m glad to say, a reasonable amount of use of the “law of two feet”.

Just the first – not bad at all, by my “first post always sucks” benchmark

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The Friday morning meetups are proving our concept beautifully – at our busiest we had a turnover of around 50 people through the morning – there is a solid core of regulars emerging, those who can’t make it every week are still up for helping however they can and there are *still* new people coming in through the doors and going “Oh, this is really good!”

We’ve had some great sponsors – thank you to Qype, Sleepydog and Adify so far. If you want to help support this gang of brilliant funsters , let me know.

I’d like to move things forward towards the bigger vision of having a permanent place where we can socialise, work and learn. I think we have a great opportunity here to walk the talk of “organising without organisations” and so in order to make sure that the thinking and working goes on outside of just my head and the handful of people I’m able to have one-to-one conversations with, I’ve seeded a few pages on the wiki under the heading of


What’s there is very rough but it’s a start – feel free to add, amend, or completely disagree with anything you find there. If you don’t feel comfortable *editing* stuff in the wiki or you want to ask
questions, or discuss something without changing the wiki then the mailgroup is for that too or you can leave comments or tweet about it or do something in Facebook or upload a presentation to slideshare or whatever you want to do….

It would be great though if you at least take a look though and invite others in to help too.

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As snapped by Christian on Good Friday morning.

I find that all the Tuttle Clubbers I chat to over coffee and toast do interesting things with their time, but please take a few minutes to check out what Christian was up to in Jordan recently.

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oct 07 066The Good Friday meeting of the Tuttle Club is formally over, but as usual it’s also carrying on. Except that normally it carries on in twitter and seesmic but today it’s happening in some bars and restaurants. Mike said to me at the end that it was his favourite one so far, just before disappearing with assorted folk to have lunch together. Last week, I wasn’t sure whether it was even going to happen, it being a state and church sanctioned holiday. But as usual, the opposite of what I expected actually happened and loads of people came who haven’t been able to come before because they are at work. Welcome to the new people (to the Coach & Horses anyway) Christian, Simon, Jenny, Dominic, Alan, Jo and Emma.

I just tweeted that tuttle had killed twitter today. Exaggeration to make a point and draw attention to myself as usual. But there is something in this – it’s an open, social gathering where loads of interesting conversations go on, but people don’t twitter about it while it’s going on in the same way that they do at just about every other huddling occasion for social media folk. There is no backchannel even though it’s packed with the sort of people who, when they attend other events, are itching to be heard. Interesting…. very interesting.

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The Tuttle Club is as much about what you can do for other people as it is about what you can get out of it yourself (My JFK impersonation always comes out more like Mayor Quimby so I won’t bother).

So it’s time to give a hand to those who’ve helped us out. Our first sponsor, Qype, is running a competition for those who’ve been along to a Social Media Cafe to write a review on their site of our hosts Norman’s Coach & Horses. All you have to do is sign-in on Qype (what d’you mean you haven’t got an account already???) and write an honest review of the pub from your point of view. The best one will win Dinner for 4 at the esteemed hostelry itself and £50 behind the bar for you and your mates but you have to get something in by the end of this month, so sharpen your pencils and get going.

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