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It’s getting harder and harder to pay for your own coffee at Tuttle. Since we moved over there, our new hosts, LEON, in Spitalfields have been very generously giving away free first coffees until 11am for lovely Tuttle folk – and now Canon Cameras are covering the costs for the whole session (within reason!)

Sam at Canon Camera Buzz writes: “At Friday’s event Canon will be showcasing cameras from compacts to high-end Digital SLRs. If you have any questions, whether on the products being demonstrated or any Canon camera, the Canon UK team will be there and more than happy to help.”

As usual, there’ll be room for you to carry on tuttling without having anything to do with the sponsor if you really don’t want to, but I think people who come to tuttle, but who aren’t interested in shiny new camera kit are few and far between.

If you want to know more, follow @canoncamerabuzz and the hashtag #canontuttle

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Just to wrap up, as well as paying for coffee at last week’s Tuttle, the guys from Evernote have given us a group premium account. Thanks again!

The first stuff that’s up there is pictures that were taken on Friday but I’m interested to hear from you other ways that you can think of us using this lovely resource, whether it’s something you want me to do or something you’d like to get a group together to do – as always, the tuttle brain is open for new ideas 🙂

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21112008558I’ve been checking in with the folk at the ICA about how things are going from their point of view and the general picture is “Hoorah for us!” Thank you for being so well-behaved, lovely and interesting. I’m having discussions over the next few days that I’m hoping will result in being able to announce a whole other bunch of cool things to do there.

Having up to 70 people in the bar on a Friday is clearly a good thing for them and I’d like us to be able to keep it going with goodwill. One of the reasons we meet somewhere like this, rather than just camping out in some cafe or other is to avoid pissing people off, but however welcome and lovely we are, the bar is a commercial enterprise and so there are a couple of niggles with the caterers that we can easily deal with.

Firstly, generous bunch that we are, we’ve recently gotten into the habit of folk bringing along donuts and cakes. Obviously, we all love to celebrate the birthdays of our special members, but it would be appreciated if we didn’t bring stuff in from outside. They’re very happy to put stuff on for us specially if we ask in advance and they’re looking at what pastries & cakes can be on sale from this week on. I’m inclined to say that if we have a sponsor, perhaps we should include something for such sweet things and that I will let the caterers (and you) know ahead of time. And if you’ve something to celebrate and want me to arrange some confectionery to share with the throng, let me know.

Secondly you’ll have noticed me at midday encouraging you to buy some lunch or move away from the upper bar to let luncheoners in. The caterers are seeing a little dip in their Friday lunch covers. I’m interested to know why more people don’t buy their lunch there and I think there’s an opportunity for us to influence things to our mutual benefit. My first impressions are that it’s likely to be either about the cost or about the content of the menu.

So please do let me know, in the comments, by twitter DM or otherwise whether you’d be more interested in lunch on Fridays if there were a special deal for Tuttlers or if you have looked at the menu and have some suggestions for how it could be more engaging to you.

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The Friday morning meetups are proving our concept beautifully – at our busiest we had a turnover of around 50 people through the morning – there is a solid core of regulars emerging, those who can’t make it every week are still up for helping however they can and there are *still* new people coming in through the doors and going “Oh, this is really good!”

We’ve had some great sponsors – thank you to Qype, Sleepydog and Adify so far. If you want to help support this gang of brilliant funsters , let me know.

I’d like to move things forward towards the bigger vision of having a permanent place where we can socialise, work and learn. I think we have a great opportunity here to walk the talk of “organising without organisations” and so in order to make sure that the thinking and working goes on outside of just my head and the handful of people I’m able to have one-to-one conversations with, I’ve seeded a few pages on the wiki under the heading of


What’s there is very rough but it’s a start – feel free to add, amend, or completely disagree with anything you find there. If you don’t feel comfortable *editing* stuff in the wiki or you want to ask
questions, or discuss something without changing the wiki then the mailgroup is for that too or you can leave comments or tweet about it or do something in Facebook or upload a presentation to slideshare or whatever you want to do….

It would be great though if you at least take a look though and invite others in to help too.

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feb 08 tobyThis week’s lovely sponsors are Sleepydog Ltd who as well as creating Buzz! – “a BAFTA® Award-winning video game that brought the TV quiz show to the PlayStation” are headed up by Toby Moores (he’s @sleepydog on twitter).

I first met Toby at his Creative Coffee Club in London and we’re hoping to do some cross-fertilisation between us, the CCC and the community of MobileMondays.

So be specially nice to Toby tomorrow while you’re munching and slurping.

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